Here at Ephesus we have so many with so much talent that our

Father has given us and James Zeyloth is one of them. He has

been writing poems for the Lord and now He can

proudly display them on The Ephesus Church Webpage!

You can contact James at 1.501.530.0084

James Zeyloth

It would probably do some of us a lot of good to occasionally say,

"God, I don't know why you want me to carry this load. I can see no good in it

and it's awfully heavy. But, if you want me to carry it, I will."

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

GOD is my source of existence and my Savior.

He keeps me functioning each and every day.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

Philipians 4:13

Love your neighbor
As yourself
That is the Great Command

But most Importantly
Love Jesus FIRST
So together we’ll in Beulah Land.

14 January 2012
James c. Zeyloth
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The Hope of Glory

We're a people of Hope

With the Vision Plan

End Time Vision of All

For all with Faith to Stand

A people Flowing unto Zion

The City of the Living God

The Forces of All the Gentile Nations

Marching to the Place where Angel's Trod

With a Handful of Corn in the Mountain

For the Famine of the Word is in the Land

Joseph the Meat giver is going to fill our Hunger

The Faithful Steward of God with Rod in his hand

The Law of the Lord is coming out of Zion

The Rod of Iron, Strength in the Name of the Lord

He's the Stone cut out of the Mountain, Gentile Chief Cornerstone

Shaking Heaven and Earth with Spirit and with Sword

A Life Changing Testimony

Can't do it without you

Can't do it alone

I'll fall flat on my face

If I do this on my own.

Your Spirit is my strength

Your Word is my guide

Your death gave me life

When alone I should have died.

I once dwelt in darkness

A life filled with sin

A road leading to destruction

A lake of fire that was my end.

Out of love You looked down upon me

Thru tender mercy You called my name

You filled my hunger, quenched my thirst

Ever since then I've not been the same.

Now my life is filled with peace

Joy unspeakable and full of glory

A song in my heart, dance in my step

A life changing testimony that tells a story.

Our Heavenly Father

He spoke into the darkness

And created the Light

Thru the power of the Spirit

He separated day from night.

He created the Heavens

And the earth below

He made the sun to shine

And the wind to blow.

Out of the dust

He created a man

To name all the animals

Was God’s command.

He took one rib

And a woman He did create

For man not to be alone

She was his helpmate.

He brought forth a flood

Because of all the sin

On board an old rugged ark

Noah’s family safe within.

Thru His servant Moses

He led Israel to the Red Sea

Once safe on the other side

He destroyed Pharoah’s army.

He know each star by name

He knows each thought of man

In His eyes we are all the same

He holds the universe in His hand.

He sent His son Jesus

To die on a cross

For someone not to have sinned

And be a true friend was a great cost.

God, our Father, in Heaven above

Is a true and everlasting King

In His presence there is peace

And thru Jesus, life more abundantly.

The Truth

Let’s lift the name of our Lord on high

Let’s set the world on fire.

Let’s proclaim the great gospel news

Let our voices of praise be lifted higher and higher.

The return of our Savior is at hand

Let’s warn the lost world before it’s too late

Let’s be a friend and not judge no one

Before that lost soul stands at hell’s gate.

The angel Gabriel is about to blow the trumpet

Thousands of angels will fill the sky.

From the east the clouds will open wide

And tears of every eye He will dry.

Satan beware it is almost over

You have but only a short time.

To think you could have conquered the Almighty God

Sad case Satan, what was on your mind?

The beast himself is on the rise

With his mark, name or number, he is out to deceive.

The poor lost souls without any concern

Will have no other choice but to receive.

But there is another choice, He’s the only way to go

The Lord Christ Jesus, He wants to save your soul.

So please lost person don’t get yourself deceived

Or on your way to hell you will surely go.