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About Us

It began in 1903 when A. J. Tomlinson, an anointed prophet of the Lord, felt a call of God to go up onto a mountain in North Carolina named Burger Mountain to pray, seeking God's face.  He did this because he was to fulfill the prophecy in Jeremiah 30:21 where the Scripture states, "...and I will cause 'him' to draw near, and 'he' shall approach unto me: for who is this that engaged 'his' heart to approach unto me, saith the Lord?"   The words 'him, he, and his' in the English language are singular in nature and represent such -- they don't represent a 'body of believers' as some might suppose.  We believe that Brother A. J. Tomlinson was that chosen one.  Brother Tomlinson was led of the Holy Spirit to pursue this Scripture to its fullest potential--he believed the Bible, rightly divided and diligently pursued its teachings.  Upon his return from prayer, there were some people gathered who wanted to know how they could be a part of what God was leading Brother A. J. Tomlinson to do, and he proceeded to make known God's Word to this small group of people.   He asked them if they would believe the 'whole' Bible and practice its teachings rightly divided as he did, and they agreed to do so; thus, Brother Tomlinson explained to them that they were 'Church'. 

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