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Exploits In Israel Walking Through The Pages Of The Bible

Chief Bishop Grady R. Kent and Bishop David Williams

This title is one that I have chosen to title the diary that I have written on this memorial event, Back To The Holy Land, to make known the vision from Mount Hattin, Israel.  In the following writing, I will give a few highlights of our general move as we spread over this ancient Bible country.  I did not visit this country on a tourist trip or to sightsee, but I went in the name of the Lord to fulfill many prophecies that had been allotted to me in the Holy Book called, 'The Bible'.


I saw thousands of Christian professors, including many ministers of the Jew and Gentile religions, as they rode buses and spent their money to see the ancient places where prophecy had been fulfilled.  Brother Sardonyx (David Williams) and myself spent our time in searching the new Biblical places where the Holy prophecies were to be fulfilled in these last days.  Here we planted the seeds which shall be the attraction of the whole world to the fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures in conjunction with those that have already been fulfilled.  This is bringing about a completion of the Holy Bible in that it is preparing for the reign of Jesus Christ, when He shall take His throne in Jerusalem and rule the world for 1,000 years in righteousness.


UP TO JERUSALEM...In the fulfillment of prophecy, I was compelled to go up to Jerusalem, not to see the Garden of Gethsemane, the Holy Sepulchre or the temple site; nor to visit Mt. Olive, but there to wait for the processing of the Scriptures.  I did not visit any of these places, although I wanted to, but the Scriptures constrained me from it as the time was not right, but we are waiting for another hour.  I do not condemn those who do so, for they are noteworthy, but a man of prophecy can only move in the Scriptures and at the time they permit him to do things.


Preparations were made here in Jerusalem to meet the dignitaries and officials that I might begin the process of showing the house to the house of Israel.  Let them measure it and consider the pattern thereof.  I had done something as a minister that no other minister in the history of the past 18 centuries has done, that is, to kindle the fire, the New Testament Judaism, which is a perfect fulfillment of the law and prophets which they have not had sine the days of the Early Church; and, at this point, they began to be astonished.  Read Ezekiel 43 and Ezekiel 4.


FROM  JERUSALEM TO MT. HATTIN...Out into a mountain for our 3rd event of the fulfillment of prophecy.  It was about 120 miles through the little city of Lydia, up through the Valley of Gideon which is known in the Book of Revelation as the valley where the Battle of Armageddon will be fought, and the blood will rise up to the horse's bridle where Jesus shall triumph over His enemies and become King of Kings, in the very near future.  From there, we went on to the city of Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee in and around where Jesus performed most of His miracles.  I did not visit any of the historical sights; although, I followed the highway up by the Sea of Galilee.  I was pushing and hurrying on to an unnoticed mountain laying dormant in the holy prophecies that was to be explored to the world in the last century.

The weather was hot.  One of my feet was wounded so that I could hardly walk, but as it throbbed, torn with pain, I climbed to an unexplored spot on Mount Hattin.  High up in the mountain, I found a beautiful olive grove where many people could have been gathered in the days of Christ.  Over to its right on the brow, I located a rock suitable for the occasion.  Brother Sardonyx, (David Williams) gathered up twelve stones for me and placed them on the big rock, while others were witnessing and looking on the perfect design of the church flag waving in the breeze.  I poured oil on this rock dedicating it in prayer to God.  Here on May 2, 1962, I officially marked Mount Hattin, calling the world's attention to this mountain.  It was here that Jesus established The Church of God on October 23 in the second year of His ministry by ordaining twelve apostles and setting first apostles in the Church, fulfilling His statement to Peter, 'I will build my church:  following he goeth out into a mountain and ordained twelve (Mark 3:13-14).'


These Biblical facts are truly evidenced in connection with I Corinthians 12 and of Ephesians 2 that Jesus did not start the Church on the Feast of Pentecost, but it was baptized with the Holy Ghost and endued with power from on high.  I challenge the world and doctrines who say that the Church was started on Pentecost; for the Scripture proves that Jesus, Himself, built the Church while on earth.


"Walking Through The Pages Of The Bible" shall be the title of a 20th Century Biblical story that shall give the world a new insight on the Holy Scriptures.   

* Article Written By:  The Late Grady R. Kent, St. John II, Chief Bishop of The Church of God, 1957-1964. This sermon was taken from The Vision Speaks, Volume 5 : Number 1 : June 1962.

All grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected except for direct quotations from the Author.  Thought content of said article has not been changed.

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