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Isles Of The Sea Shake

Reveals Impact Of 1957 Move To Restore Pattern

Reformation Spot Lighted

By Island Inhabitants

Kedarites Seen As Sons Of Ishmael

I am compelled to write, I cannot hold it any longer.  From the very beginning of our move to restore the Church, the Islands of the sea have overrun us to the extent it appears the abundance of the sea is being converted to this Reformation of The Church of God.  This is a great sign -- and evidence -- of the final move approaching the coming of Jesus.  The prophet confirms this in Isaiah, the 60th chapter.  Then, there are other Scriptures such as the 49th chapter of Isaiah.  We must, also, recognize the Kedarites, of which the Scriptures point out to be the dark race of one of the Gentile's twelve tribes.  Certainly, those islands are inhabited by the dark race people.  They are pushing their way toward The Church of God.  The first move in the islands came when the reformation first started.  Eight thousand (8,000) of these immediately united themselves with us.  After that, another four thousand (4,000) moved.  Then, in some of the other islands, two and three hundred moved with The Church of God.  Now, another number of islands have expressed a desire for being a part of the 144,000.  What could all this mean?  We do not have money to give them for we merely send enough to keep a missionary going.  Truly the isles of the sea are being converted to The Church of God in line with the Scriptures.

The Scriptures said in the day when they shall lift up their eyes and flow together it would be the time of the abundance of the isles being converted.  These islands are made up of mostly dark-skinned people.  Of course, the tribe of Nebajoth are the other eleven tribes mixed.  So, it is a fact that between fifteen thousand (15,000) and twenty thousand (20,000) Kedarites are seeing something in this great move that began February 13, 1957; to restore all things back to the pattern as Jesus organized it.

Here are the words I received recently from the Leader of another organization whose work spreads over several islands.  "Since the year of 1935, I knew you had the message of The Church of God for the whole world and I am now ready."  Another noble Leader of the isles of the sea made this statement:  "Never was there a Prophet upon these islands as great in all the history of them."  What could it be but the isles waiting for me?  I did not offer to furnish them large sums of money as other organizations do.  Surely, it is the vision at the end speaking.

In America, the Church is growing greatly by the receiving of membership of the dark race.  WE cannot dispute the fact but what the Bible declares that the Kedarites would stand up at the end of time and be accepted upon God's altar.  Remember this, the Gentiles are the twelve tribes of the Ishmaelite and it is the Gentiles that are to rise to the greatest height of glory ever obtained upon the face of the earth.  So great will be their glory, Paul declared in the eleventh chapter of Romans, that it would provoke the Jews to jealousy.  The Scriptures have declared that at the end of time only two tribes would be used for the glory of the latter house and they are the tribes of Kedar and Nebajoth.  Of course, Nebajoth has been mixed by the eleven tribes just as the Jews are known today as Judah and the tribe of Joseph.  The tribe of Joseph is the mixed tribes and, of course, the tribe of Judah is the dark skinned Jews which declare themselves free from all others.  Until this day, we know that Judah is of the lineage of David and down through Solomon to Joseph.  However, Joseph was his foster father and therefore I cannot say that Jesus was a dark skinned man.  I believe he was in color in accordance with the Nazarene, since he was begotten of the Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.  I have only said this to point out to you that I am well aware of what time it is on the clock and who is in the race; who the race is made up of; and who shall obtain this glory; also, how many there will be when the Church shall reach the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ.  So, let us not faint at any tribulation for The Church of God marches on destined as a great showcase to reveal the glory of the Son of God to this world.

* Article Written By:  The Late Grady R. Kent, St. John II, Chief Bishop of The Church of God, 1957-1964. This sermon was taken from The Vision Speaks, Volume 4 : Number 6 : November 1961.

All grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected except for direct quotations from the Author.  Thought content of said article has not been changed.

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