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June 13th is the anniversary of The Arise Shine of the Last Days' Church in the fulfillment of Isaiah the 60th Chapter, Verses 1 and 2, and Psalm 132:6.

These two Scriptures, which were used as a foundation to build Fields of the Wood on, are today, in our eyes as a memorial.  Isaiah 60:1-2 was the revelation given to A. J. Tomlinson, this was added to the vision of Psalm 132:6, the revelation which had been given to me.  

Fields of The Wood is a Revelation of which I used in the early days of 1931 and 1932 looking for the church and the man who found it.  I knew before I ever joined the Church that it would have to be one found in the mountains by some man.  When I had learned of A. J. Tomlinson, this search was completed, for I had found the man and the Church.  

In 1934, I used two other Scriptures added to Psalm 132 which was the 87th Psalm; "This and That Man," in connection with the 5th chapter of Ephesians.  These three chapters portrayed a very good vision of A. J. Tomlinson and the finding of the Church in 1903.  The revelation of this confused a group of people in 1934 in the state of Minnesota.  The people requested that the General Overseer talk to me in regard to the revelation; as they felt it was not in line with the Bible.  When the General Overseer had heard my testimony in private, as he had refused to let them set in on the conversation, and when I had explained it, he replied in these words, "that sounds pretty good to me; however, if those folks don't want to hear it, don't preach it to them." Then I refused to preach anymore to those people, and picked up the subject later again in about 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia, of which was taking in more than one hundred members in the revival, as a result of using the subject.

In 1939, I was called to the Cleveland Church to Pastor, and on one Sunday Morning, I spoke on the subject using additional Scriptures; when the revelation of it brought A. J. Tomlinson off the seat where he was sitting rejoicing and shouting.  I definitely pointed him out to be "That Man",  in Psalm 87:5, that found the Church in Fields of The Wood.  I pointed him out to be that Prophet God had chosen of which "Fields of The Wood Book" number one gives the story of how it all happened.

A. J. Tomlinson told me with his own words, out of his mouth, that he did not know about the Fields of The Wood; or that he was a Prophet until it had been revealed through Fields of The Wood.  He said, however, he knew that God's hand was upon him and he had been chosen for a special work throughout the years.  He asked me how long I had known him to be a Prophet, and I replied, "ever since I found the Church of God, and I was looking for him not by name, but as a man who found the Church in the Mountains."

The question now arises in many peoples' minds, "What will the Church of God do since Fields of The Wood is owned by the 'Assembly' Church?"  My answer is found in Habakkuk 2, Verses 1 and 2.  God had my answer to this question arranged more than two thousand years ago.  My answer when I am reproved, or argued with is found in a million-and-a-half dollars worth of concrete and cement, "The Written Vision".  The "Vision" is one thing; being "placed in writing" is another.  I have the "Vision"; they have the "writing".  They shall proceed no further, but the "Vision" of Christ and His Church which God gave me shall be organized in people and speak as recorded in Habakkuk 2:3.  

It is  not necessary for a people who are the Church to own Mount Hattin or to own any other Prophetic place that is in the Holy Land, but these places are left for an answer; even though they are owned by other denominations and groups.  It is the Divine Revelation which operates in the people that makes a people to be the Divine Body.  When people turn down the revelation of the fulfillment of prophecy that is when they cease to be the people any longer.

In all of my fourteen years in working at Fields of The Wood, the General Overseer and others who worked by my side knows it to be the truth that I, myself, searched out the revelation of the markers in the Scriptures and told them to the General Overseer, and the General Overseer told me to get the auxiliary designer to design the revelation of it in a marker, and this I did.  The General Overseer knows this, the Auxiliary designer knows it, and God Almighty in Heaven has a record of it.

June 13, 1957 brings us to a beautiful flower that has blossomed as a divine revelation of the blessed old book, the Bible.  Some say it is only a pile of cement.  This is commonly said now among those who own it, but to the writer it contains a divine revelation of the Holy Scriptures, and will be formed into a Holy Temple that will make the vision to speak forth in the inhabitants of the world.

Many people own a beautiful Bible.  Many Churches hold it close to them for their guidance, but it takes the divine revelation and operation in the Word of God in a people to be the Church.  They don't even have to own a Bible to be that as long as it fits the Word of God.  It is not necessary to own the Bible as a piece of property.

So, the number who may see Fields of The Wood this June 13th; as the stones and markers portray its design with material things, it has now come time for those who see it to search for the people who portray it in a divine revelation and vision that was handed down by Jesus Christ and hidden by John the Revelator until the set time; which set time is now come; so let us unite in one mind to make the vision speak through His Church which contains its revelation, and of which all of its principles was searched out by the writer from the Book of Revelation.  It is too late for anyone to deny this fact without making himself subject to be found a liar.  No one knows any more than the one who speaks forth these words in writing.  The Church of God marches on from June 13 to another year in becoming brighter and brighter in the eyes of all of the people of the earth.   Amen!

* Article Written By:  The Late Grady R. Kent, St. John II, Chief Bishop of The Church of God, 1957-1964. This sermon was taken from The Vision Speaks, Volume 1 : Number 4 : June 1957.

All grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected except for direct quotations from the Author.  Thought content of said article has not been changed.

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