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By The Washing Of The Water By The Word

Building According To The Pattern

I would like to call to the peoples' minds the things that have happened since last February 13, a year ago. I would like to keep the truth before the people that it may be a record for all concerned.  Writing this, my mind is called back to Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and of Elijah rebuilding the old broken down altar.  This present time brings my attention to the 15th chapter of Acts in regard to rebuilding the Tabernacle of David and setting up the ruins thereof for the residue of men that they may seek after God.

As long as A. J. Tomlinson lived and was General Overseer, he kept the Church in pace with prophecy.  He spent many years night and day searching the Bible for more of the Word of God that was destined for the Church to fulfill.  I have passed his office and have visited him in the late hours of night.  He was writing and studying his Bible.  He was always able to come out with new revelations with the meat in due season. He also kept before the people the thought of looking forward to new things.  Exploits that could be used to get the message of the Gospel of Christ to the world of which I am sure everyone realizes this to be the truth.  Others back up, but we go on.  At the death of A. J. Tomlinson, Brother Milton and I stood at the foot of the bed and saw him draw his last breath.  Brother Tomlinson put his arms around me and said, 'Brother Kent, it is left for us to carry on'.  I am not making this statement as though at this particular time I was being given any appointment, but to bring out the true fact how things have changed.  Some have gone back while we have gone on.

For fourteen years I kept the Church before the world and through this department I still keep the Church in pace with prophecy and fulfilling the Scriptures belonging to her.  This eventually brought what is now known as the disruption of February 13, 1957.  The present General Overseer at this time chose to go with those who do not see the Church and its divine moves, and the fulfillment of prophecy with the material things that prophecy was to be fulfilled with.  He went so far, at this point, to denounce the prophecies that had been fulfilled and even stated that the C.P.M.A. department was fourteen years behind.  This was the exact number of years I had been General Secretary.  As though I had done nothing even though I developed Fields of The Wood, the world's largest Gospel Air Force, won hundreds of souls for the Church and had taken hundreds in the Church.  However, God holds a record on high...we go on while the others go back.

When I revealed the truth how I received the revelation of all the markers in Fields of The Wood, the finding of all the prophecies fulfilled with the airplane program in the 'spirit and power' of John The Revelator, then they rejected all the true meanings of Fields of The Wood, the airplane program, the Jewish program and in denying went back to the year of 1939.  But we go on--denying nothing!  The others do not have airport programs anymore.  Failing to understand the divine law and principles of the Scriptures, they do err not knowing the Scriptures or the power of them.  In ignorance, they refuse to accept the airplane as a cherubim program or Voice of the Bird of the Air crying from the airports.  They only use them now for transportation and to drop a little literature, but we go on with the cherubim program.

We go forward in the fulfillment of Isaiah 60:8-9, '...the isles shall wait for me.'  We still preach that the flight to the isles of the sea was a complete fulfillment of those Scriptures.  If John The Baptist had the right to state that he was the voice of the one crying in the wilderness (Elijah) and A. J. Tomlinson had the right to say that he was the man referred to in the Bible who was the prophet to come to find the Church, then I have the right to say that I am the Voice of the Bird of the Air that used wings to tell the matter and the fulfillment of Ecclesiastes 10:20.  Also, I have the right to say that I was that man flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel.  Revelation 14:6, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the vision of all to speak forth in the fulfillment of Revelation 10:10-11.  I am 'this man' that revealed 'that man' in Psalm 87, and can truthfully say that in 1934 as well as 1940, I was the same man to explain Fields of The Wood to A. J. Tomlinson and in 1934, he did not know that there was a Fields of The Wood.  I can say I am the man who received the revelation of the design of Fields of The Wood received the true revelation of the Book of Revelation being that unlearned man in the 29th chapter of Isaiah.  I have all rights as other prophets to declare myself to be this man, but the Bible tells of his works, and since, I have been inspired of God to do these things.  It just has to be me even though my name is not there.  According to divine law, I have the Scripture to prove this.

John The Baptist used three witnesses to declare himself to be that voice.  Jesus used three fulfillments of prophecy to declare Himself worthy to be baptized, God's only Begotten Son.  A. J. Tomlinson used three Scriptures declaring himself to be that man.  I have witnesses enough in my ministry to declare myself to be this man to come with the Vision of All with the everlasting Gospel to be preached to every creature under the heavens.

* Article Written By:  The Late Grady R. Kent, St. John II, Chief Bishop of The Church of God, 1957-1964. This sermon was taken from The Vision Speaks, Volume 1 : Number 8 : May 1958. 

All grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected except for direct quotations from the Author.  Thought content of said article has not been changed.

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